The Six-CD Scheme

Each of the 6 CDs on Before the Big Bang has its own theme. Here’s a first look at what we’ll be presenting on the upcoming reissue. Read More


Two Key Questions

Before the Big Bang does not assert—or attempt to persuade—that the genre of country music as we know it now can be found on the various discs and cylinders produced in the four decades prior to the 1927 Bristol Sessions, if only we examine the right recordings. Instead the box set answers two main questions. Read More



Produced by Grammy-winning Archeophone Records, Before the Big Bang tells the story of the seminal recordings that laid the foundation for the so-called “Big Bang of Country Music”—the historic recordings made in Bristol in 1927. Before the Big Bang spans 6 CDs and features more than 160 recordings (many of them now one-of-a-kind) going as far back as 1890. Subscribe to receive updates as the release date approaches.